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A Quick Update
Tuesday, June 16, 2015 | 10:21 PM | 0 comments
Assalamualaikum peeps :)

Quite a long time for me not writing anything in here..
Busy? Nope..totally full of free time right now..ha3
it just that i have nothing to write on
but tonight i decide to write something in here..
so, just gonna leave some quick update :)

there are some news for u guys
as i said earlier, im totally full of free time right now
why u ask?
ha3..actually i already finished my studies and just had my convocation last month
so right now, im officially a degree holder in Chemical Engineering!
yeay me!! Alhamdulillah for this blessings..
all those years of tears and sweats just paid off when i received my scroll ;)

nonetheless to say, finishing ur studies means the beginning of working life right?
so, currently im still looking for job
a bit late as i have things i need to settle first,
 and also there were some unfavorable situations that kinda hold off my job-hunting process :(
but anyhow, Allah plans are always the best!
so im sure im being redirected to something that even better..aminn
pray for me, will you? thanks!

till then..

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