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RP (Research Project)
Monday, March 17, 2014 | 9:32 PM | 0 comments
assalamualaikum w.b.t

hye peeps..currently I'm in library (PTAR 4) in Uitm Shah Alam, "bertapa" to finish a work given by my SV regarding my research project..this year i'm officially a final year student..
dis year insyaAllah will be my final year in order to finish my degree..can't wait!
so as a final year student, i must start working on my DP and RP..oh btw DP stand for Design Project..
last night i was busy attending a group discussion for my DP,
 and tonight I'm alone by myself to work on my RP becoz RP is individual research..
dats mean u have to work alone by yourself for two semester as it will be
RP1 for dis semester and RP 2 for next semester..fuhhh
a small highlight on my RP, i'm currently researching about Annona muricata..
did I just put a question mark in your head? hahaha..
actually Annona muricata is a scientific name for what u may know as durian belanda..hehe3
yes my research is about durian belanda..
going to investigate the antioxidants in it and the ability for it to cure cancer..
a lot of work need to be done from now on..wish me luck will yaa!
and also pray for me so that everything will work just fine..amin..
ok peeps, got to go as it already 9.30pm and i need to work on my thesis..
until then adios..heee

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